Tara Battani
You may get tired of watching me, but I’m not going to quit.
— Harrison Ford

Actress. WRITER. Heel Digger.

Tara Battani


Born:  Des Moines, Iowa
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Childhood Ambition: To look like Amy Grant, act like Hayley Mills, and marry Harrison Ford
Early Claims To Fame: Winning "Guest Day" on The New Mickey Mouse Club at age 12 and getting to spend the day with her favorite star, Amy Grant; and at age 15, being featured in the cult classic Dazed and Confused ("I never met a Tara before, you're my first")
It's Weird But: I read my favorite books from my childhood over and over again.  Mostly my Nancy Drew books, my Ramona Quimby books, The Baby-sitters Club books, and my Judy Blume books.
Favorite Plays: The Crucible, The Miracle Worker, Fool for Love, Noises Off, Romeo and Juliet, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Favorite Musicals: Sunday in the Park with George, Jesus Christ Superstar, Into The Woods, Chess, West Side Story 
Favorite Movies: Splendor in the Grass, A Man and A Woman, Days of Wine and Roses, The Goodbye Girl, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Dead Poets Society, Shaun of the Dead, The Big Lebowski, A Woman Under The Influence, The Goonies
Noise You Love: Listening to the sound of an audience before a show from the wings
Noise You Hate: Egotistical jackasses bragging
My Friends Would Describe You As: Loud.  Genuine.  A theologian who cusses.
Lyrics That Best Describe You: "Everything I'm not, everything I need ... Jesus, be."


"Hollywood is where they shoot too many pictures
and not enough actors." -Walter Winchell

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"I'm only unhappy when the reviews are bad, but give me a good review
and I'm just screaming all over the place with joy." -Alan King




"I get criticized for taking roles in films like 'Ghost Rider 2', but if you
look at my resume, dude, I've mixed it up as much as I can." - Idris Elba



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"A telescope will magnify a star a thousand times, 
but a good agent can do even better." - Fred Allen


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I can do everything with ease on the stage, whereas in real life I feel too big and clumsy. So I didn’t choose acting. It chose me.
— Ingrid Bergman