LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS: Mary Moody Northen Theatre; Austin, Texas

"Special recognition goes to the blossoming couple, Battani as Audrey and Barrett as that loveable twit Seymour, whose aw-shucks earnestness together make any scene sparkle.." SARAH HEPOLA, Austin Weekly

"The talented cast has a blast..Tara Battani's Audrey delights.  Giving her character a high, squeaky voice, and steps as tiny as her heart is big, Battani's rendition of "Somewhere That's Green was bang up show you won't want to miss.."  JAMIE SMITH, Austin-American-Statesman

"Kudos also goes to..Tara Battani (Audrey) who shifts from gawky ditz to elegant songbird as the musical numbers pick up.."  MATT VALENTINE, Daily Texan


Claire Adams